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BEAUTY- A joy for ever

BEAUTY- A joy for ever
If there is anything that is sure to attract anyone's attention, especially today when looking smart, charming and pleasing is no longer considered prerogative of only the fair complexioned, it s the right way for grooming one's appearance, one's looks, one's personality to the best possible levels.Now we present valuable tips for gaining a handsome appearance, effective remedies to overcome one's physical drawbacks and some rare formulas for beautifying oneself. And there are no mare off-hand suggestions, rather all devices have been tested and their result confirmed.Above all, these valuable pieces have been culled from the rich treasure of knowledge of a great erudite of Aaurveda, who explored each and every corner of the Indian subcontinent and the Himalayas in search of rare herbs which could banish all diseases and transform even old age in to youth. His search also helped discover lost texts which contained miraculous formulas to regain lost youth and beauty.Some of these very formulas have been reproduced in this text for the benefit of the readers.

BEAUTY--for ever

Age, sex, social status, in fact nothing stands in the way when it comes to looking beautiful, youthful and charming.Hundred of books have been written over the ages, several methods have been developed to prevent old age from setting in, but none has proved as potent and as successful as the miraculous formulas that have found elucidation in the modern age several scriptures were lost and more unluckily valuable herbs became extinct.Thus even the precious science of Aaurveda, whose base rests chiefly on herbs and medical plants, became important.With the undoubting spirit, however, the world renowned scholar of Aaurveda ie system, he resurrected this ancient science of medicine to its full glory and brought to surface those very magical formulas along with identifying herbs that were to be used in them.Some of these very rare and secret formulas, very precious for women desirous of a perfect figure, fair complexion, long hairs, beautiful looks and alluring charms, find place in this unique work. Small this article might seem, yet it hides some very priceless formulas for becoming the most beautiful man or woman of one's times.YOUNG AT HEARTEach and every person wishes to achieve health and longevity in life. One desire to remain attractive and youthful throughout life, but unluckily one does not know the way to achieve such a state permanently. As a result, people run after all possible methods to achieve everlasting beauty.Either they make use of herbal medicines or they may go to certain Swamis, and obtain some ash and their blessings. Throughout their lives they just keep worrying about their health. In order to achieve permanent health and longevity a person should always remain fresh and cheerful and keep the mind free of all tensions and worries, whatever the circumstances may be.Robert Hutchins is a perfect example of leading life in his positive way. In 1919 an amazing event occurred which resulted in a nation-wide agitation in the educational lobbies of America. Till a few years back Robert used to sell books in trains, but in next eight years with his efforts and hard labour he became President of Chicago University. All eminent scholars of America gathered to see him. The reason behind his tremendous success was that he lived every moment of his life to the fullest and made proper use of it.When Prince of Wales (Edward VIII) was in school his classmates used to pick-up quarrels with him without any reason and used to beat him up. When the class teacher came to know about this he scolded all the students. On being asked the reason for beating Edward, they said it was done so that on growing up they could tell people that they had licked the King of England!This incident highlights the fact that students considered themselves insignificant compare to Edward. Many people feel immensely satisfied by criticizing those who are more educated and successful than them. By false criticism and fake stories they give themselves false satisfaction. In fact, by doing so they are in a way just proving their own insignificance. But today people have become indifferent to such criticism and it does not affect them much.Once my Guruji told me that a person should try to maintain his cool during any kind of criticism. This will reflect his magnanimity at that moment. Second important point he told me was that as long as one is physically and mentally active, one will retain one's youth but once a person becomes idle and indolent old age sets in.A government employee remains active up-to the age of 58 years, but as soon as he retires, he starts exhibiting signs of old age; his face gets wrinkled and becomes lusterless. This results because he starts believing that he has retired and has nothing to do.Dr. William Martin at the age of 30 years went to Germany to study Psychology and soon after became a lecturer in an University. At the age of 65 she retired from her job. Later she opened a hotel in San Francisco. At 70 she learnt driving and at 81 she traveled through the length and breadth of Mexico, all alone. Next year she started farming on a 64 acre land and when 102 she breathed her last, and even then she looked much younger and healthy!Mrs. Moses learned painting at the age of 76 and presented paintings in 35 exhibitions. Frank Lloyd, constructed buildings at the age of 80 with same agility as at the age of 35!Dr. Lilian Gailbreth is a mother of 12 children and she created a furore by writing a novel at the age of 81 years! India's famous industrialist J.R.D.Tata flew a plane from Pakistan to India on his own at the age of 72 and proved that he was still as young as before.During IInd World War, weakened England was guided by Churchill at the age of 75 years, and even at the age he used to work for 20 hrs. at a stretch. In this period he had to suffer a lot of criticism but even then he remained firm and got his name inscribed in golden letters in world history.Once when asked by a spokesman whether he was affected by criticism, Churchill replied—"I am so busy that I don't even get time to read them."Throughout the world there have been only three personalities who reached the top even after their complete downfall. They were ---Winston Churchill (Prime Minister of England), President Digal of France and India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Through their life they remained active and retained their youth.In fact old age does not come on its own; rather we force it into our lives through our outlook. The only way to achieve ever youthful beauty and perfect health is to keep on doing your choicest job and to cultivate new hobbies and thus say goodbye to old age.Try this today and your long lost youth will be back soon.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

How to Change your dark complexion into fair one.
Formulas about complexion


It is said beauty is grace of God bestowed upon some fortunate beings. But with lapse of time this beauty and youth are lost. There are certain means by which we can attain a celestial beauty. The ancient medicinal science of Aaurved is replete with beautifying devices through adoption of which any lady having attained a charming beauty, can become a dream girl.

Every lady nurtures a dream of remaining ever attractive. She wants her
physique to be youthful and beautiful. She wants to have an innocent and captivating countenance which would make men stare at her ceaselessly. She wishes her entire body to be moulded in a perfect beautiful figure so that she might look like a beauty queen.

There are six criteria for matchless beauty----

I. A fair and attractive complexion, like milk imbued with saffron.
II. A slim, healthy and proportionate physique.
III. Attractive, shapely and large breasts.
IV. Long black, dense and
silky hair touching the knees.
V. A slim waist rounded hips.
VI. A magnetic attraction in the entire body.

Although there are several beautifying herbs elucidated in the scriptures of Aaurved, I am revealing only those which have proved their efficacy.

1. Unique Formula for Fair Complexion

In absence of a fair complexion, sharpness of features goes in vain. According to medical sciences, beneath the skin special type of cells are present, called Melanocytes which produce a pigment called Melanin and this is in fact responsible for determining the colour of skin. If somehow we manipulate these tissues we can convert a dark complexion into a fair one. Formula is not given here to stop misuse. But we can provide it on need. The main herbs of this unique formula are ---

a. Fresh Rose petals%u2026
b. Gunja (Abrus Presotorins)
c. Bhangra
d. Gular Fruit (Ficus Glomerarta)
e. Vidari Kand (Succulent Tuber)
f. Ivory Powder
g. Fresh Coconut Oil

This ointment is applied all over the body before retiring to bed at night and next morning one should take bath with luke warm water. Within a few days this preparation converts a dark, black complexion into a fair one. The skin starts glowing beautifully and becomes attractive, and fragrance starts emanating from the entire body. Wrinkles of body vanish away and it is endowed with alluring beauty.
This preparation is undoubtedly unique and authent

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